Vision Based Living is so much more than a book .

It is a powerful, transformative journey created to enrich your life so you can achieve maximum potential. Even more than you may think...

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Vision Based Living: Igniting Life's Passions and Purpose is an exciting new book. It's a powerful journey meant to serve each person so they can live life to the fullest. Things may be okay for you as they are right now! However, there's usually something in the back of people's minds.

What is one thing that may make this one lap around the planet that much better for you? Is it a change in lifestyle, finding that special someone, less stress, increased happiness, or maybe totally starting over?

This is your journey, and this is your life. Get ready to have an open mind, and see what it will take for you to reach even greater heights.

The book will be available in print, ebook, and audiobook. It will be initially sold on Amazon, Google Books, Apple Books, and on the Vision Living website. There are some additional resources coming soon such as a companion workbook, online courses, and live in-person events.
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A Powerful Guide to creating the life you truly want.

"Life happens" is a common phrase. Less common is the understanding that life can happen to us, or, we can create the life we truly want. Many people become victim to their own existence. Much of it is not their own fault. It's the way they grew up, and additional influences. Life does happen. There are family obligations, urgent deadlines, work, events, projects, school, and that constant sense of stress that crowd our lives.  

It is all too easy to lose sight of our dreams. People know they are meant for much more, yet lack the understanding that they actually can fulfill their greatest masterpiece.  It seems like the years slip away, and then it's too late to do anything about it. Many people have lived, and then passed on, having never lived their vision. No more! It is never too late to live your dream, whatever that is for you. What would one day, a month, one year, or the next ten years of enjoying life mean to you? 

Visionary Leadership Coach  and author, Sean David, has lived a very similar story, but he rewrote a new beginning; so can you. In his groundbreaking new book, Vision Based Living, Sean David will show you exactly how to create a new you, in your own way, even if it means completely starting over. From a stressed and unhappy business owner, to reinventing himself and finding his true calling in life serving others; life is a purpose-driven, vision-based adventure. If he can do it, you can as well!

In this powerful guide, Sean David shares palatable and proven principles to guide you along a new path of your choosing, to let go of the past, and design a life path with a new beginning in mind. You can make a small change, or totally reinvent yourself if you desire. Get ready for your new adventure.


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Sean David

Author and Vision Coach

Sean David is a Certified Master Leader in Leadership Training Technology (MIT Training, Lifespring) facilitates transformation breakthrough trainings for groups, and runs a private coaching practice. He is a Certified Entrepreneur graduate of the prestigious 10000 Small Businesses Program (Babson College, Goldman Sachs). After 15 years of business ownership and 10 years of rigorous transformation work, Sean David is 100% committed to serving and coaching people so they can achieve extraordinary results in life. With his vast knowledge and experience, Sean David is a powerful stand for people’s greatness, even when they don’t see it in themselves.

Praise for vision based living

Sydney, Australia

"I find Vision Based Living quite a masterpiece. I have acquired quite an extensive library over decades, yet have not come across a single work anything like this. Vision Based Living is so beautifully written - feeling akin more to one on one personal sessions. I find Sean's delivery quite exceptionally inspirational. Written from the heart, it is warm and pleasurable to read. I kept wanting to turn the page, as being drawn further on into the practical wisdom.

Sean's inclusions are exceptionally comprehensive - not a stone unturned. As well, I love the encouragement Vision Based Living gives to broadening 'perspective' with so many vivid and beautiful images, supported with impeccable reasoning and information.

I could have welcomed such a book decades ago when initially on the path of deep inquiry and experience."

Carmel Ashton Ph.D.

 Author, Dimensions of Health: Educating for a Quantum Perspective. Sydney, Australia

Sean David "SD"

Sean David, affectionately known as "SD", grew up in Southern California. He's a beach kid at heart, with midwest kindness and roots, and was born in Indiana. From the time he was in second grade, he knew he wanted to make a difference for people.

Sean is a long time entrepreneur and business owner, having run his own printing company for fifteen years. He also has priceless experience entertaining people from the stage in numerous professional productions and plays. He's a long time member of the Screen Actors Guild, having worked in the Hollywood Film Industry for many years.

From the time he walked into a transformation workshop in Los Angeles back in 2010, Sean knew his purpose to serve others ran deep. Quickly advancing from participant to coach, then to captain and training facilitator, he became a stand for many lives, with thousands of hours of group, leadership and individual personal development coaching. Vision Based Living is truly his life's work.

Get ready for a whole new adventure, and get ready to experience someone who truly wishes to serve people, and help make the world a better place to live.

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Visionary Coaching

Visionary Coaching is here for people to expand beyond what they ever thought possible before. Having a powerful vision for our lives is much like oxygen for our bodies. Those with a vision live purpose-filled lives. Those without a vision suffer, settle for less, live with stress, and tend to think it's everybody else's fault.

Vision is having a dream and actually achieving it. Vision is understanding that their is more to life than material things. Vision is realizing that each person is a masterpiece. Vision is knowing deep down that each one of us has our own divine calling. What is your divine calling? Why are you here on Earth?

A true Visionary Leadership Coach, like Sean David, and his team, will bring out even more of the best in you! You are awesome already, and we'll stand for you, serve your life, and ensure that you are achieving the life you truly want. In order to create extraordinary results, you get to work with someone who is extraordinary, and actually cares about you. There is a big difference...

Don't be duped by the hoards of  self-proclaimed 'life coaches' out there who took one class, who lack life experience and wisdom, or did some kind of online promotion that comes with a fancy title. Each person lives their own life in their own body. No two lives are identical, so there is no way to coach someone else on 'how to live' their life.

Please read the book Vision Based Living for a deeper understanding of what it means to truly stand for others, starting with you standing for yourself.

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Vision Based Living is a milestone achievement by the author, Sean David. Four years in the making, this journey of a lifetime is rooted in a deep mission, call it a purpose, to serve others so they can reach their maximum potential. You'll be surprised.

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Kickstart your journey with a deep dive in transformational leadership. 

Who is ​vision based living For?

Human Beings

Life is a gift. So many take things for granted and tend to live in ways that are less than they really want. Those wanting to elevate their life in some way: Reduce stress, making a change, new milestones, starting over, achieving more, new career, increased happiness, improvements in health, lifestyle, reaching  goals, or finding lasting relationships. Now people can learn to live the life they truly want. 

Groups / Teams

This is a great book for those who are part of a team, in organizations, in book clubs, departments at work, discussion groups, family and friend groups. How amazing will it be for people to have engaged dialogue and be on the same page? There's a lot to discuss from the book! So many want to improve their own lives, as well as other people's, too.


Those striving to build a business or service organization while improving and achieving their personal goals, their health, their lifestyles, and their relationships. Imagine running a business that represents the best of who you are, not just a transaction or unhappy business. Imagine being not only a great boss, but a role model that people want to work with. Imagine being the person people want to emulate because you're that great of a person. Or, maybe the business you're in isn't working, so, now what? This book will help!


Whether an educator, manager, or career professional, there is a new level of learning that can serve you and everyone around you. The science and psychology has been proven time and time again since the time of Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow. This book is presented in a more palatable, realistic way in order to serve you. It's all about addressing the areas to accelerate, to improve, and to facing issues head on; all for being that much more incredible because you choose to be a change-maker and high-level achiever.

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